About AoE

The Agent of Excellence Network is a group of real estate professionals committed to providing world-class Disney-level service to their Clients!

What can we learn from Disney's Common Purpose:

In the magical world of Disney, all cast members (whether a custodian or CEO) have the same guiding principle, called a Common Purpose, that is the driving force behind their ability to provide a renowned customer service experience: "We create happiness by providing the best in entertainment for people of all ages everywhere." From park attendants, retail operations to the highest level executives, each individual contributes to the magical experiences that define Disney.

Similarly, at Agent of Excellence, our members also have a Common Purpose:

"Deliver Excellence™ through an unwavering commitment to operating with integrity at all times, educating our clients, providing continuous communication and taking time to celebrate milestones."

Monica Shea, Founder of Agent of Excellence, a network of Real Estate professionals and REALTORS® based on the magic of Walt Disney's business principles
Monica Shea, Founder of Agent of Excellence

While Disney aims to bring joy to guests through immersive storytelling and unparalleled service, Agents of Excellence Deliver Excellence™ by striving to bring ONLY the highest level of service to the real estate industry. Despite being in different industries, both organizations understand the significance of having a unified purpose. Disney's cast members and real estate professionals alike recognize that their commitment to a common purpose directly impacts customer satisfaction, industry integrity, and ultimately a higher level of success.

AoE Benefits of Membership to joining a professional Real Estate community based on Disney's founding principles of success

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Agent of Excellence offers exclusive Training and Roundtable Events that you won’t want to miss. A few are listed below.

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2nd Thursday of Every Month
9-10am MST

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3rd Tuesday of Every Month
6-7pm MST

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